How We Diagnose Your Cough:

Because chronic cough can have a range of causes from allergies to lungs and sinuses, patients might need to meet with a variety of different specialists to diagnose their cough. This often requires visits to a sinus doctor or pulmonary specialist in addition to allergists and your primary care doctor. 

We Diagnose Chronic Cough Faster

The Cough Center at the William Storms Allergy Clinic focuses in all of these areas of expertise. So we can test and treat many possible causes of chronic cough.

We can diagnose the cause of your cough much faster because we have the tools right here in our clinic to run tests related to asthma, allergy, sinus infections or other potential causes.  Running around to several other specialists takes time, and can cause your cough to worsen. Save time and come to The William Storms Cough Center to find a diagnosis quickly.

Here are some of the factors that we evaluate to diagnose your cough and related testing, most of which we can do in our office:

Leading Causes for Chronic Cough:


Allergies to pollens, animals, dust, molds, etc. can cause congestion and a chronic cough.  We perform allergy skin tests to see if allergies are a factor in your cough.

Asthma/reactive airway disease/COPD:

We do 2 breathing tests (Lung function tests) to see whether any of these conditions are a factor in your cough.

Sinus Disease:

We are able to do a Sinus CAT Scan in the office to get the result right away, and this tells us if the sinus is a factor in your cough.

Give us a call at 719-955-6000 or request an appointment online so we can help diagnose and treat your cough!